Demings for Senate Enters 2022 With Most Funds For Senate Challenger in Florida History

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Feb 1, 2022

Former Orlando Chief of Police Congresswoman Val Demings, announced her U.S. Senate campaign raised over $7.1 million in Q4 of 2021. 

With the campaign’s strong fundraising numbers, Chief Demings enters the on-year with over $8.1 million cash-on-hand, the most ever by a Senate challenger in Florida. The campaign’s fundraising has been fueled by grassroots donations, with the campaign reporting over 300,000 donors to date and an average donation of $27.23 for the quarter. 

“We are so grateful for every supporter who has stepped up to beat career politician Marco Rubio and send Chief Demings to the United States Senate,” said Demings Campaign Manager Zack Carroll. “Our campaign is building a grassroots movement in every corner of this state that’s fired up and ready to hold Rubio accountable for failing to fight for Florida’s working families. With our fundraising, we are taking our message to every voter and leaving no community behind in our historic fight for Florida. We’ve built strong momentum, and the army of grassroots donors supporting Chief Demings will continue to drive this campaign to victory in November.”